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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Madam (2015) 



After a bereavement, a lonely young wife (Kim Jung-ah) came to Bukgan-do to remarry. The newly married Seo Bang-nim was a caring husband with both wealth and virtue, but before the annexation, he lost his life at the hands of a Japanese officer. Madame who is alone again in a large mansion. All those who were guarding her husband leave, and only her grandfather and young servant Bau remain with her and begin to live together. Then one day, the madam, who senses that the servant Bau's gaze is unusual, is engulfed in subtle emotions. Because of her two short marriages and her strict status, she had to live while suppressing her desires as a woman. It's not that I hate the secret gaze of a young Bau, who has never been in love with a woman. The two eventually avoid the gaze of their grandfather and start a forbidden love...


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