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Sunday, May 30, 2021

 Girls.Girls.Girls (2013)



Yeonjae (played by Shin Joo-ah), Ha Eun (played by Ji-seong Gu), and Chun-hee (played by Yoon Chae-i) are high school alumni and best friends for 15 years.
 Yeonjae, the youngest daughter of four Mugunghwa hotels, is an honest and free-spirited woman who aims to have sex with 1,203 men in her lifetime.
 On the other hand, Chun-hee, a high school teacher, is a male virgin (?) who has never had sex for over thirty because of her high knowledge.
 Ha Eun, a wedding planner, has only loved one man for 10 years, but recently suffered the pain of losing both his work and his man.
 Then one day, the three women celebrate their 10th anniversary and hold a party of their own in Hotel Suite Room 1203 in the series.
 Did you say that the plate breaks when three women gather?
 The chatter of the three girls who have just turned 30 is suddenly reaching the level of limited screenings beyond juvenile viewing, and finally, they bet each other's pride.
 The bet is no other than a secret game in which the person who chooses a man and spends a hot night becomes the winner.
 The target is the hotel bellboy Hyun-soo (played by Lee Young-hoon), who resembles the male senior whom all three women liked 10 years ago.
 His semen collection proved to be overnight. Who among the three women will spend a hot night with Hyunsoo? Who did Hotel Bellboy sleep with?


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