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Monday, May 31, 2021

 Drunken College Students (2019)



The lewd drinking habits of college students who have become goblins, oppa I'm lonely, please comfort me now.
 Seokbong Hail brothers run a bar but are worried because there aren't many customers, but a couple comes in and has sex in the corner. The couple, who came the next day, finds the place yesterday, but fights with their boyfriend and the man leaves. A tsunami tries to let a drunken female customer go, but she can't resist the woman's plea for comfort, so she joins her. Seokbong and Haeil take Arang to the house. Seok-bong spends the night taking advantage of Arang's crazy moments. I don't remember what happened the next day.
 Seok-bong and Hae-il, who are suffering from amnesia, claim that they are A-rang's lover and deceive A-rang. A-rang, who bumps his head during an affair with the tsunami, regains his memory, and leaves with anger at the tsunami.
 The next day, in Seokbong and Tsunami's shop, he sees another woman who has fallen down drunk.


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