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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Mrs. Mrs. Freelancer (2020)


Eunje's boyfriend who runs a small shop is Ji-cheol, a college student who plays and eats.
 On the other hand, the Hikikomori, Joo-hu, accidentally became a regular after seeing silver at a store. She is mistaken for her kindness as affection for herself. He starts stalking while watching her SNS every day.
 Eventually, after approaching Eunje with an innocent face, she succeeds in confining Eunje.
 When the silver paper disappears and the money line is cut off, Ji-cheol becomes eager to find the silver one. Ji-cheol, who wants money rather than worrying about his comfort, tries to shake off even a small amount by twisting Mi-seon. Eun-je, who sees the two people's love affair with a secret camera, disarms him by drinking alcohol and drinking in the thought of getting out of here somehow. Eunje eventually escapes.
 Joong-hu, who is empty because of her lack of silver, confines Mi-seon, who ignored herself.
 Three months later, someone comes to the house of the profound...

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Lovely Wholesale

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