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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Delicious Aunt (2020)


Ga-yeon visits Minjae's house, where she lived alone. Ga-yeon decides to live in Minjae's house as a crush. Minjae is curious about Ga-yeon, who hasn't seen it in a long time. One day, Gunsu meets Ga-yeon after going to Minjae's house to get things. Ga-yeon seduces Gunsu as it is. Minjae finds out the fact while making a phone call with Geonsu. Dahae meets with Minjae as a sect and makes frequent contact.

 Minjae gets angry at the number of cases in her house wearing only underwear. Gayeon comes out to meet her friend Dahae after a long time. Ga-yeon and Da-hae, who had been drinking, meet with Min-jae after seeing the number of cases. That night, Min-jae gets drunk and loves Ga-yeon, and finds out that the number of cases is not a relationship with Min-jae. The next day, Ga-yeon learns the relationship between Dahae and Gunsu and brings the four people together...

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