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Friday, August 14, 2020

Big-busted daughter-in-law (2020)


The father-in-law and daughter-in-law met through a blind date site to relieve sexual desire. What is their fate?
Gyeong-jun and Gyeong-joon promised marriage. The performance, where he didn't have a place to live, goes into Gyeong-joon's house. While enjoying her newly married life a little earlier, Gyeong-jun suddenly says that she has to leave for two months on a business trip. In-young and Nam-soo lived well with In-young and Nam-su, who will become mother-in-law without a husband without even registering the marriage. In addition to envying her sex, In-young and Nam-soo, who met Nam-soo at the place where they went out to meet him, are surprised to each other. . Nam-soo, who is said to have been lonely due to Gyeong-jun's sudden business trip, and sometimes seeks stimulation for a smooth married life. After talking about each other's circumstances, today's job is to keep them secret.

Screen recording made simple.

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