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The Larva Island Movie (2020)


In this movie sequel to the hit series, Chuck returns home and talks to a reporter about life on the island with zany larva pals Red and Yellow

Blood Vessel (2019)


Blood Vessel (2019) on IMDb

Lovely Wholesale

The Other Lamb (2019)


A girl born into an all-female cult led by a man in their compound begins to question his teachings and her own reality.

The Other Lamb (2019) on IMDb

End of Sentence (2019)


End of Sentence (2019) on IMDb

Love, Lies (2016)


Story follows Jung So-Yool who dreams of becoming the best singer during the time of Japanese occupation of Korea.

Love, Lies (2016) on IMDb

Cosmos (2019)


Cosmos explores the thrilling first hours of first contact when three astronomers accidentally intercept what they believe to be a faint, coded signal from a distant alien civilisation
Cosmos (2019) on IMDb

Gundala (2019)


Gundala (2019) on IMDb

Merci Bocuse (2019)


A young and ambitious team of chefs face the life-changing challenges of competing in the world's most prestigious culinary competition.

Merci Bocuse (2019) on IMDb

Equinox (1970)


Four friends are attacked by a demon while on a picnic, due to possession of a tome of mystic information. Told in flashbacks by the sole survivor.

Equinox (1970) on IMDb

Curse of the Blood Ghouls (1962)


On their wedding night, a newlywed couple find themselves menaced by a bloodthirsty vampirer.

Curse of the Blood Ghouls (1962) on IMDb

Theater (2020)


Nagata is the director of a theater troupe. Unfortunately, he is rather unsuccessful on his finances which makes the crew has little confidence in him.

Theater (2020) on IMDb

Father Soldier Son (2020)


When Sgt. First Class Brian Eisch is critically wounded in Afghanistan, it sets him and his sons on a journey of love, loss, redemption and legacy.

Father Soldier Son (2020) on IMDb

A Nice Girl Like You (2020)


After being accused of being too inhibited by her ex-boyfriend, a violinist creates a rather wild to-do list that sends her on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery.

A Nice Girl Like You (2020) on IMDb

Dirt Music (2019)


Dirt Music (2019) on IMDb

The Prince (2019)


A '70s-set homoerotic prison drama based on a low-circulated pulp novel, tracking the sexual, often-violent and eventually murderous experiences of 20-something narcissist Jaime.

The Prince (2019) on IMDb

Latte & the Magic Waterstone (2019)


Follows the journey of a young hedgehog who wants to save the forest and its inhabitants from a horrible drought by reclaim a magical waterstone from the bear king.

Latte & the Magic Waterstone (2019) on IMDb

The Silencing (2020)


A reformed hunter living in isolation on a wildlife sanctuary becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local Sheriff set out to track a vicious killer who may have kidnapped his daughter years ago.

The Silencing (2020) on IMDb

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