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Friday, May 22, 2020

Young widow (2018)


The owner who runs the BAR becomes acquainted with his friend Tanaka's comfort and interest after her husband Haruto died in an accident  .
 Then one day, a Korean man, Min-gyu, comes to BAR as a guest, and
 the thought of Min-gyu is shaken by Min-gyu, who looks like a dead Haruto.
 One day, Min-gyu goes to Saru's house and sees Haruto's photos, and finds out why Saru likes him, and he  feels more sorry for Saru. On the other hand, Tanaka, who became acquainted with her favorite current, reveals a perverted desire to Yui who works for her BAR ...
 He confesses to Yui that he killed his friend Haruto in order to steal the cause. Yui, who followed Saryu like her older sister, revenge her over Tanaka instead.

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