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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Wife's Exchange Sex (2019)


Seokjin is a boss, but he follows Jaejin, who takes care of like a neighbor. Jaejin is also a fan of such Seokjin. Jaejin is a sexless couple, so Enjin is newly married. However, Seokjin, who loves breasts, is also dissatisfied with his wife who does not show her breasts during sex. While Jaejin is away for a while, Sujin's wife, Sujin, comes to her. Jae-jin and Seok-jin drink at Seokjin's house after work, but Jae-jin, who hangs out for a hangover and drinks water, sees Jeong-hee sleeping in the kitchen and is caught in Jeong-hee's sexy butt. Seok-jin, who likes breasts, and Jae-jin, who likes hips, have a secret time with their wife.

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