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Friday, May 22, 2020

Delicious Three Sisters (2018)


Three dirty sisters' dirty gestures around the male housekeeper begin.
The three sisters fall in love with the maid's body, not the maid's food.
In-hye, Joo-hee, and Seol-young's three sisters, whose parents went on a trip.
 The house is a mess. Nothing is done, neither the rice nor the laundry. Sisters who decided to call a household helper. The next day, a domestic helper came home and a wonderful male helper came home. The youngest, Seol-young, seduces the man helper Wan-jin to share her affairs, and in- creases her big sister, In-hye, and beats him.
 Every day, Jin-jin, who cannot endure sex with her sisters, quits her job. The next day, Sang-woo, a male assistant who is cooler than Wan-jin, goes to work. The sisters seduce Sang-woo regardless of the day and night.
 Even after Sang-woo can't endure and escape from the house, the sisters plan to call another male assistant…

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