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Thursday, May 14, 2020

 A Japanese girl in my room (2018)


Sakura (Maos Hamasaki), who worked for a hotel in Korea with a goal of being hospitable.
 I decided to take care of cooking or cleaning.
 As the head of the massage team digs into Sakura's naked body, she tears away and escapes from the hotel.
 Yawning boy writes a sauna inns and letting go the rope of hope, wherever they are in the end homelessness beholden to the bully Sakura lewd demons, and large and small do not misunderstand ... I
 have Sakura felt the threat of life in the cold and hunger He hides inside a large mansion.
 I take off my jeans and throw up an irresistible moan with the energy of the obscene devil who has visited it.
 Kiskun, who was drawing a webtoon in his own house in a large mansion, discovers the existence of Sakura and
 proposes to stay with him for a while.
 Pretty Sakura's beauty rejuvenates Kiskun's imagination, and Sakura becomes the main character in Kiskun's webtoon, showing off various obscene charms.

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