Setsuna: Vampire's Love of 100 Days (2012) *

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Setsuna: Vampire's Love of 100 Days (2012)


The vampire's Brad will take care of a girl instead of helping her with her life. Her name is setsuna. The devil made the woman. If you don't have sex for a hundred days, you can become a female vampire and you can love Brad. But if you break that promise, both Brad and woman die. Brad decided to take care of them. During the day when Brad is sleeping, cetana looks at the town and sees various things. It was setsuna who did not know anything, but it learns the importance of life little by little. I get to know a young father in a church in the city, and to make people more important. It is a Brad who learns irritation to a young father who settles in the heart. Brado, who witnessed the place where seta and father exchanged the hug, upset and kill the father. Cessna for pessimism. It begins to suffer from the circumstances of one who must live in man as food. And on the 99th day, cetna will be born as a vampire in the last day, cetna tells the wishes of Brad...

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